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Intelligent storage solution
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In modern enterprises, storage space is a valuable commodity for warehouses and distribution centers. In a limited space, achieving efficient storage and picking of stored items is a major challenge to warehousing solutions.

Zhongding Technology provides you with a full range of storage and cache solutions from shelves and shelving to various automated access systems (AS / RS). Suitable for various storage media such as storage trays, plastic trays, cartons, containers or bins. In response to the storage requirements of raw materials and finished products with low storage cost requirements and low throughput, we provide a cost-effective storage solution for pallet and bin-based stacker mid-to-long-term storage.

立体仓库智能生产物流现场 An auto parts manufacturing company in Anhui- Intelligent production logistics site of three - dimensional warehouse

For the storage needs of some docking production lines, it has fast storage and unloading speeds and high efficiency. It is mainly used for buffering purposes and provides support for subsequent picking and packaging. Program. Different solutions are suitable for different user environments and are designed to provide users with the best solution.

Application field of dense shuttle shelves

Application field of bin stacker

Combining many years of industry experience, Zhongding Technology aims to support your business now and in the future by adopting flexible, modular and scalable storage and caching solutions. These solutions include palletized automatic storage, high-speed bin-type automated three-dimensional warehouses, and multi-layer shuttle systems.

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