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Intelligent sorting solution
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Zhongding Technology provides sorting solutions for production and logistics companies. The solution always adheres to the customer-oriented, establishes an in-depth understanding of the enterprise's sorting needs, conducts a comprehensive analysis of customer data through rigorous scientific methods and simulation technology, and customizes a sorting model that meets its own characteristics for customers. In the business process design process, we strictly follow the PDCA's operation management model to build a closed-loop management and control mechanism for enterprises to ensure the accuracy and controllability of sorting.

Simulation diagram of a storage and integrated intelligent logistics system designed by Zhongding for a tobacco company customer

The scheme connects the upstream order system with the warehousing system and the downstream dispatching system, configures sorting equipment with different performance, and selects items according to the system instructions. The solution can realize a variety of general-purpose picking modes such as automatic picking, path picking, DPS picking, and cargo-to-person picking workstations; for industries with special needs, special sorting equipment can be provided to create the most cost-effective sorting solution for your business Program.

Fully automatic sorting--Super high-speed cigarette sorting system of a tobacco company in Liaoning

Schematic diagram of typical configuration of integrated picking of automation equipment system in medical logistics center

Application site of integrated picking system for a pharmaceutical logistics center in an Anhui pharmaceutical group

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