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Smart Packaging Solutions
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With the increase of labor cost and the increase of competition pressure in the industry, the original single manual packaging mode is far from meeting the needs of enterprises for efficiency and benefits. Enterprises urgently need a fast and efficient automated packaging solution to enhance their competitiveness.

Zhongding Intelligent Packaging Solution not only provides highly automated packaging solutions, but also provides customers with new packaging experiences based on value-added services. In the fast-moving consumer goods industry, we have accurately realized the docking of the anti-channeling system and the packaging system of the enterprise, so that the corresponding relationship between any packaged product in each box and the packaging box is established, and the integration of packaging and anti-channeling is realized. . In the tissue industry, we provide online packaging solutions for different products, reflecting the flexible solution capabilities of packaging products. In the tobacco industry, we not only meet the conventional packaging of cigarettes, but also realize the automatic packaging of various types of special-shaped packages.

Application site of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling packaging system for a condiment company in Jiangsu

Application site of sanitary napkin automatic packaging line of a sanitary products manufacturing company in Fujian

Application of an automatic tobacco packaging machine for a tobacco company in Liaoning

These value-added service-based packaging solutions are the embodiment of Zhongding Technology's rich industry experience and help customers build efficient brand effects.

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