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One-stop solution for intelligent logistics
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The one-stop intelligent logistics solution of Zhongding Technology provides enterprises with professional overall logistics solutions for 2025 made in China and Industry 4.0. The plan realizes the integration of logistics equipment automation technology and logistics information technology to realize the informationization of enterprise logistics management, the automation of logistics equipment, the efficiency of logistics operations, and the clustering goals of logistics scale. The content of the plan construction includes the overall business process planning and design of the warehousing, sorting, packaging, and transportation of the enterprise logistics link, as well as the automation equipment (automated warehouse, sorting equipment, packaging equipment, transportation equipment, etc.) and information in each link System development, production and integration. The realization of intelligent logistics solutions can help users build new logistics models, innovate business processes, reduce labor costs, improve logistics efficiency, enhance brand value, and build lean logistics.

overall plan

Zhongding Technology provides intelligent logistics overall planning and design solutions. During the planning and design process, based on the idea of optimizing the design of the entire life cycle of the supply chain and following the operating principles of the integrated system, Zhongding Technology comprehensively considered the system's operating environment, development trends, human resources, information flow and other factors from a strategic perspective to plan customers The overall blueprint of the logistics system, designing logistics, information flow, people flow, system engineering, etc., to achieve the goal of value-added logistics system.

Module design

Zhongding Technology's unique system design content mainly includes: warehousing, flow, nodes, and cost simulation models of the logistics system. Module design includes: business key flow, product flow, work flow, EIQ analysis, location distribution of material requirements, material flow, product trajectory, node flow, equipment configuration, human resources, overall optimization of system capabilities, modeling, calculation, analysis Optimized logistics system simulation; and supporting engineering design for general civil engineering, fire protection, power supply, HVAC, integrated wiring, security access control, monitoring, project progress, price comparison analysis, budget calculation, etc.

System development and integration

Combining more than ten years of automated logistics warehouse sorting technology, Zhongding Technology has continuously expanded the breadth and depth of its product line, improved and verified warehouse management software and system control core software, and applied new equipment and new technologies. At the same time, it has fully integrated domestic and foreign advantage resources. Formed with warehousing and sorting software as the application core, supporting logistics scheduling, automated warehouse, automatic sorting, mobile trolley, automatic packing and other automated equipment, can provide enterprises with overall warehouse, automatic picking, goods-to-person picking, factory Internal intelligent logistics and other customized intelligent logistics system integration solutions.

Implementation strategy

The implementation process of Zhongding Intelligent Logistics' one-stop solution follows the requirements of industry and customer management specifications, strictly implements system integration project management specifications, uses efficient and fast project implementation strategies, and gradually achieves program goals through ten major control steps to achieve project efficiency, High-quality delivery.

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