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Reciprocating hoist
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The reciprocating hoist is a kind of lifting equipment, which realizes up and down reciprocating conveyance. It is generally driven by a chain. Through the frequency conversion speed control motor, the car is lifted up and down reciprocating motion. Automatically enters the lift car of the hoist. This type of hoist has the characteristics of advanced control, reliable performance and high car positioning accuracy.

According to the direction of import and export transportation, it can be divided into: Z type, C type, E type, and F type. There is a minimum size limit for the material;

Lifting speed: <60m / min (chain drive mode);

Lifting stroke: 0 ~ 20m;

Maximum conveying cycle:> 15s / piece (depending on stroke); load: <4000kg;

Types of conveyed materials: packaging machines, trays, pallets;

The main parameter requirements can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements

Application site of reciprocating hoist for intelligent logistics system of a tobacco company in Liaoning

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